Our Mission

“To provide therapeutic recreational opportunities for special needs youth and their families.”  Handicapped Challenge’s primary focus is to assist special needs youth to recognize their full potential, to promote physical and emotional wellbeing through various programs and activities.

Handicapped Challenge, Inc.

Youth with physical and/or intellectual disabilities and their families face an overwhelming list of challenges in their efforts at leading quality lives. Every aspect of their lives is affected by these challenges. Everything from where to attend school and how to socialize and interact with society, to where to get quality healthcare and find employment is affected. Despite common misconceptions by the general public and legal efforts of the United States Government, individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities are still marginalized and denied opportunities regularly.

By granting these special needs youth and their families an opportunity to take a break from these routine challenges of daily life and participate in fun and exciting outdoor adventures we hope to help support the development of self-esteem and self-confidence, and to give them added strength to carry on and enjoy a higher quality of life. By involving the families of our special needs guests, we intend to provide a source of social support for families.

Handicapped Challenge, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Darrell Eby who, after raising and living with a disabled son, had a vision to provide handicapped children and their families with recreation and a chance to get away from the daily challenges of their unique lives.